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Children’s Dentistry – Temple, TX

Helping Young Smiles

There are few things more rewarding for a parent than seeing their child smile. If you want to preserve this precious sight, then you need to take the steps to protect your child’s oral health. In addition to checkups and cleanings, Temple Choice Dental offers a number of services that are particularly suitable for a still-developing mouth. Is it time for your child’s next appointment? Call us today to schedule their visit for children's dentistry in Temple, TX!

Young boy sharing healthy smile after children's dentistry visit

Why Choose Temple Choice Dental for Children’s Dentistry?

Dental Checkups
& Teeth Cleanings

Young girl receiving dental checkup and teeth cleaning

We know that many children get anxious or nervous whenever they have to go to the dentist. Our team has experience working with little ones of all ages, so we know how to make accommodations for those that need extra help sitting still and staying calm. The sooner you bring in your child for their first appointment, the better. We highly recommend scheduling it around the time their teeth first erupt.

Dental Sealants

Child receiving dental sealants

Your child will receive their first molars around the age of 6 and their second molars around age 12. Because these teeth are located at the back of the mouth and tend to have a large number of pits and fissures where bacteria and food can become trapped, they tend to have a higher risk for cavities. Applying a thin plastic coating known as a dental sealant to these vulnerable teeth will give your child an additional layer of protection while they’re still learning how to brush and floss.

Fluoride Treatments

Child with healthy smile after fluoride treatment

Fluoride, which is normally found in toothpaste and community drinking water, can strengthen your child’s enamel, helping their smile grow up strong. In some cases, though, your child may not be getting enough fluoride through their diet, and their teeth could be more vulnerable to damage and decay as a result. Luckily, we can give their teeth a little boost by applying a highly concentrated form of fluoride during their regular checkups.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dentist checking child's tooth colored fillings

Even if you do everything correctly, your child might still end up developing a cavity. Obviously, the damage will need to be repaired, but you might be worried about your little one being made fun of at school for having a dark-colored tooth. Tooth-colored fillings can be used in place of traditional metal ones to preserve a child’s appearance without sacrificing durability or protection. Also, we can place tooth-colored fillings while making minimal alterations to the tooth itself.

Athletic Mouthguards

Teen with athletic mouthguard hanging from football helmet

If your child has signed up for a sport of any kind, your job as a parent is to make sure they have all of the protective gear they’ll need to stay safe on the field. This is especially important for their smile, as lost teeth and jaw injuries are all too common when it comes to sports. Instead of grabbing a one-size-fits-all mouthguard at the store, it’s better if your child gets a customized guard from their dentist. We can design the mouthguard so that it fits as comfortably in the mouth as possible while still providing trusted defense against impacts.

Emergency Pediatric Dentist

young girl smiling visiting dentist in Temple

Even if your child is diligent about brushing and flossing, a dental emergency in Temple can still strike when least expected. Luckily, help is only a phone call away! At Temple Choice Dental, we’re prepared to get your child out of discomfort and on the path towards a healthy smile. The sooner you make an appointment with us, the better chance we have of restoring your little one’s oral health. Rest assured – we’ll do what we can to treat your child on the same day as their emergency.

Learn More About Emergency Pediatric Dentist

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